10 Cartoons to a calmer lifestyle

5 min readMay 9, 2021

This is the first part of my series where I use my cartoons to suggest calm living. Humanity has gone to great lengths to find that feeling of peace in the midst of the present-day fast life. Our minds are constantly bombarded with a great deal of information, fighting every moment to process and place everything in perspective. Here is my cartoon character Victor, providing us with 10 ways in which he makes his life calm.

Let’s take a look at a day in his life.

1. Negativity is okay for once

Negative Ions freshen up the air, help in enhancing our breathing and mood, leaving us feeling calm and ever energetic.

An inexpensive negative ion-generator (Ionizer) will drive our worries away!

Natural Negative Ion Generators:

  • Himalayan Salt;
  • Natural environments;
  • Indoor Waterfall;
  • Take a hot shower. The steam releases negative ions;
  • Ferns and other indoor plants.

2. Do the Tai Chi moves

Practice just a few Tai Chi routines and feel your tensions go away.

The body’s natural relaxation response to the art of Tai Chi is very powerful, as it helps focus on our breathing and keeps us in the present moment.

Regular practice brings down our stress levels, boosts our feeling of serenity, and teaches us to stay calm and collected in the face of life’s tribulations.

Although we need to keep stress on hand as our pal in case of emergencies, in a fight or flight situation, its constant activation wears out our body.

3. Start your meal raw

Raw fruits and vegetables are a great way to start your meal. They enhance calm and provide harmony to the course, with its alkaline properties.

4. Love to wear white?

The colors of our clothes make a sea difference in the way we feel. Light colors lead to a therapeutic calm. In color therapy, white represents cleansing and starting afresh and reduction of nagging feelings.

Wearing fully white gives us a lot of attention because we stand out in a crowd. So it is bidding goodbye to our loneliness.

White means purity, hence the selection of white in a wedding dress, a priest’s cassock, and a nun’s habit.

In summer, white is the best choice because it keeps our body cool and makes us feel fresh.

5. Watch the Fish

Fish make some of the coolest pets. We don’t interfere in their space by just watching them.

While watching them gracefully cutting through the water with their silvery bodies, we instantly feel calm, as if watching the seas.

“My goldfish gives me attention by waving herself towards me while watching her. All she wants is for me to feed her. She seems always hungry. But I don’t care, because she has no idea how calm she makes me feel by just watching her.”

8. Run for 30 minutes

Running is one of the greatest stress-relievers in life.

We would just have to put on our running shoes and use our natural talent to run, and we would find calm in barely a lap.

So, thank you very much for reading, and see you again soon! For now, I need to get a good night’s sleep, after a hot shower and some inhaling of all those blissful ions, like Victor suggests.

9. Allow our feet to meditate

We may use warm water with some essential oils to soak our feet. Massaging our feet with a moisturizer or bathing our feet in tranquil scented warm water relaxes us to blissful heights, in seconds.

We stand on our feet at least 16 hours a day, holding up pounds of our body-weight. Fifteen minutes of pleasure to the foot is all that is needed to feel calm.

An aunt of mine spends at least 1 hour, at the end of every day, just lifting up her legs and resting them against the wall. Call her crazy, but it works for her. She is 80 and healthier than most people half her age. She shares the same philosophy as above.

10. Sleep to our hearts content

Caffeine, hard liquor, colas, cigarettes and worries only interfere with the ability to stay calm.

We have to do whatever is necessary to get as much sleep as we feel we need. Read a book, listen to some soothing music or a calming audio book, or just do some chanting (spiritually this is like meditating) to induce sleep naturally, without any effort.

Sleeping pills have contraindications and should not be taken without proper supervision.

Stay Calm!

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