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I lost a 5th friend in a year today and this time it was Covid

Today was my father’s 92nd birthday and the only thing I thought of to remember him was this oil burner I lit the whole day next to my work table so I could remember all what I missed about dad.

Today was my father’s birthday and the only thing I thought of to remember him was this oil burner and my lighthouse painting as its backdrop that gave it an extra layer of meaning and took me into a place of thoughts I have never been before. I lit this lamp the whole day, leaving it next to my work-table so that I could remember all what I missed about dad.

Moments before this, when I woke up to his birthday morning my friend’s partner called me to let me know of the devastating news of his passing. He lost his battle with Covid. He was a scientific thought leader and mover and shaker of his community but that did not stop him to be a victim of this pandemic. This seems to be the same state-of-mind for many of us today dealing with the loss of our near and dear, day-in and day out and we need to seek solace and comfort within our own selves by saying goodbye with a heavy heart, so much as to not even see their remains to bid goodbye, left only with their sweet memories.

It saddened me to think how easy it is for us to leave this planet with a wink of an eye or a beat of the heart. The sadness is just for a moment too, as we turn our attention to another departed. But our awareness at every second that we are just mortal, perhaps could make us get ready to breath our own last heave if that is what life leads us to one fine day. Each heart beat extra is a bonus we could have missed. Although it is unthinkable it is amazing how we wake up every morning with conviction to be our best.

Today, after a few days while I was creating an image for this article, I felt an urge to use my oil lamp with my lighthouse painting image, where when I lit the lamp for my father, then for my friend and unfortunately another with the news of another associate of mine losing his living battle with not the c of covid but the c of cardiac arrest. And so, here I am making my medium post to start spiritually, deciding to light this lamp everyday to respect each of the fallen and think about their lives they enjoyed here with us.

My friends’ mothers, husbands, siblings, co-workers, friends, neighbors, and people passing by just like you and me, who have left us the past year. As they fade away from life one-by-one, we make a prayer and celebrate their memories.

So now, I wanted a poem to go with my lighthouse painting dedicated to them. It was fascinating to realize that as googled for poems to match this article, a poem in my own words just came rolling out. So heck I find myself publishing my first ever poem to take you readers on my journey of thoughts here with….

To sum this up….I make this list of my fallen friends while you could make yours in observation….

My dad was a special person, He died a kindred spirit who made important decisions to better others lives.

My friend was a special person, He died a pastor always showering his positive influence to communities.

My associate was a special person, He died a mentor leading leaders to the next level.

My friend’s one only child was a special person, He died giving a voice in the midst of adversity.

My friend’s mother was a special person, She died a wise person always there to counsel the needy.

My boss was a special person, He died an idealist standing up for anything unfair.

My friend and my mentor in counseling who lost her life on this day, 5 years ago who empowered millions of lives in her city.

Ending with thoughts for the lives taken as America observes this Juneteenth at Tulsa in Black Wall Street as a federal holiday commemorating the end of slavery. And may I wish to the world that any form of slavery and oppression disappears and give all of us the strength to not tolerate injustice and hate. All the above friends had a common trait that is they passed away, kind people from this earth.

Thank you for taking your time with me to offer our condolences to everyone who has someone they have lost. Let’s stay safe to get and give a bonus of our lives to live a bit longer.

Mask up and head ahead like it’s the new normal. As life is organic and it is all about embracing change.

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